Our Wedding Diary - Cinematic Wedding Films

Photography style
Traditional, Candid
Other services
First Rice Cermony, Anniversary, Happy Birthday.
Able to travel
Revealed only to clients .
Spoken languages
English, Hindi, Bengali (Bangla)
Specializations and services
Wedding photography
Photography package 1 dayfrom ₹15,000
Photo + video package 1 dayfrom ₹28,000
Pre wedding photography₹10,000 – 15,000
Photography package 2 daysfrom ₹30,000
Photo + video package 2 daysfrom ₹45,000
Photography package 3 daysfrom ₹45,000
Photo + video package 3 daysfrom ₹65,000
Album additionallyfrom ₹15,000
Traditional photography, per dayfrom ₹5,000
Candid photography, per dayfrom ₹12,000
Portfolio: Wedding photography

Imagine if the special moments of your wedding day were captured in a high-definition, crisp video that equals the picture quality of a feature-film? At OUR WEDDING DIARY, our cinematographers do exactly that. We shoot all footage on super-high definition (HD) cameras with special lenses and equipment that almost rival a big budget feature-film unit.
We believe every event has a soul and we capture it in a form that it could be written in a diary so that you remember every little detail – the fragrance, the warmth, the taste and the joy those moments brought to you. It is this love for the moments frozen in time that gave life to Our Wedding Diary. Our expertise remains is in discovering and documenting the series of moments that bring out the story of your special day.

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Our Wedding Diary - Cinematic Wedding Films
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