Photography style
Traditional, Candid
Specializations and services
Wedding photography
Photography package 1 day
from ₹35,000
Photo + video package 1 day
from ₹55,000
Pre wedding photography
from ₹10,000
Photography package 2 days
from ₹55,000
Photo + video package 2 days
from ₹90,000
Photography package 3 days
from ₹70,000
Photo + video package 3 days
from ₹125,000
Album additionally
from ₹10,000
Traditional photography, per day
from ₹10,000
Candid photography, per day
from ₹25,000

We create Memories and Tie them with emotion through our Photographs.

Our Mission is to help you celebrate the special moments in your life, from the quiet ones that go on daily without fanfare to the big, emotional, important moment that change your life forever, and everything in between.

The Best thing To hold onto In life Is each Other.

Celebrating Life .

We have changed from Churchil Roy Photography To Flipping Canvas and we are the same entity .

Wedding clicks
Pre Wedding clicks
Sourav and Ankeeta
Flipping Canvas
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