The photography also can become an art. And art is born from a passion cultivated or inherited. Fedele Forino, Palagiano (Italy), was born in 1981, he is a professional photographer, owner in Mottola (Italy) of "La Belle Photo".

Lens, he made his reason for living. Thus, the gimmick, which is called the camera, became the instrument of his daily work, but above all, the instrument with which to capture weddings and the best of his adventures in Italy and abroad.In shots, which seem stop time and, sometimes, also the heart.

One for photography is a passion, that Fedele has always cultivated, since when his father entrusts the camera. And like any passion, it entails sacrifices and renunciations. But the hardships serve to increase the experience.

Today, in fact, this fulfillment is born from feedback, from the consent of the client, and from photo agencies, who repay the constancy, patience and spirit of adventure, which have always featured, inspiring them to do more and more and more.

Then, the experience gained in the field, year after year, a bit at a time, with one goal: to learn to conceive the picture as a work of art and, therefore, achieve it, with utmost creativity, without improvising without approximation, leaving nothing to chance.

Technical, updates, comparison with colleagues, observation and attention to detail. So, Fedele has become an accomplished photographer, contacted as official photographer of many initiatives. Last, in order of time, the presentation, at the Planetarium Sky Skan of Bari (Italy), at the Fiera del Levante, a sample of lunar rock, priceless, loaned by NASA to Luigi Pizzimenti, curator of the Park and Museum of Flight "Volandia" (VA) -Italy and the historic Apollo program.

The preferred destinations of Fedele? Africa and Zanzibar. It was these "natural paradise" to become the subjects of his best pictures or photos recognized as such at the national level, the National Geographic Italy, the online magazine to explore the world and take care of the earth (www.nationalgeographic.it ).

"The desire to play", in fact, was rated the best photos, including those received in September of 2013, the National Geographic Italy. Simple, spontaneous, yet striking. No artifice, no makeup. A photo "paradise", taken during one of his adventures in Zanzibar, on May 6, 2013. In other words, "wonderful", as well as judged by many readers.

The same picture, then, was also published, one of the best collected and selected by Vogue magazine, in the "PhotoVogue", along with other pictures taken from Forino almost all in May of 2013: Stone Town, Literacy, Istanbul Navigation, Venice Gondolas Venice Street Artist, Egypt, London, Africa and, then, the inevitable Zanzibar Island, caught in other rare natural beauty.

But that's not all; There is another picture of Forino, which has been rated the best among those received in October of 2012, again at the National Geographic .

Finally, the photo "Literacy", appreciated, selected and voted as one of the most original shot in January 2016, also from the National Geographic Italy. Simple, black and white, spontaneous, natural, without retouching by software; in other words, a truly original photo, taken in Africa. It portrays a woman of color intent in writing. Why choose this subject? For True, the picture must also have a social purpose, if it is true, as it is, that comes from the heart.

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