Wedding decorations in Kolkata

Hall decoration
100 000 ₹ — 10 000 000 ₹
Table decoration
1 000 ₹ — 30 000 ₹
Background for the newlyweds
10 000 ₹ — 500 000 ₹
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Kolkata districts

Just like the bride is adorned during her wedding, the wedding designers decorate the wedding venue which will complement the bride. Our catalog here shows the wonderful works of the various wedding design studios at wedding.net who are undisputedly the finest wedding designers and decorators in Kolkata. They’ll strive to deliver a royal and magnificent look to your wedding venue which will make all your guests struck in awe. A well designed wedding will not only enhance the beauty of that auspicious day, but also will provide a sense of satisfaction to the guests. Our wedding design studios have had various contracts for weddings across Kolkata and they successfully maintained the satisfaction of our customers throughout. Feel free to browse through our catalog and choose the vendor which suits you the most.